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Kindred is a dynamic web design agency committed to empowering businesses, small and large, in the online world.

Your new best friend for all things web development. Kindred offers SEO optimized web development, design, and private Canadian hosting. Our focus is on translating your unique business story into captivating web solutions that drive success to your business.

More than just beautiful websites, we create digital experiences that engage and deliver results and captivate your audience. At Kindred, our online journey is streamlined through offering comprehensive website and hosting packages for a strong online presence. Expertise and passion for web development and design yield user-friendly, visually striking web solutions.

We understand small businesses and their challenges, which is why we provide affordable digital strategies for growth. Kindred is the choice for exceptional outcomes and dedicated customer service. Contact us today to start your online journey.


We build websites.
And not just any website.
Custom designed and developed website solutions using customized code and/or WordPress.

We believe that every business has a unique story to tell, and we strive to bring that story to life through innovative and customized web solutions. Our approach isn’t just about creating beautiful websites; it’s about crafting a digital experience that captivates your target audience and drives tangible results.
Our technical expertise and a passion for innovation results in web solutions that are user friendly, functional, and visually striking.
Kindred consolidates all the crucial components of an effective online presence and presents it as a comprehensive package to its clients, significantly reducing the need for business owners to engage with multiple entities, thereby streamlining their launch online and fostering success in a more efficient manner. View our comprehensive packages

Do you know where your website is hosted?

If you don’t, thats okay.
Canadian data laws apply only when a website is hosted in Canada. If it’s not – the laws don’t apply to you or your clients, and your data may be at risk.
We host our websites in Canada – Toronto specifically – where your data is safe and protected under Canadian law. Take a look at Canadian data laws here.
Not from Canada? That’s okay! We can host your website in your country of origin, too.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Get your business on the next level.
Get noticed online.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for a website due to its pivotal role in enhancing online visibility, driving organic traffic, and ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape.
SEO optimization ensures your website is discoverable by those actively searching for what you offer, establishing a strong online presence, fostering credibility, and laying the foundation for long-term digital success.

The process

1. Plan
A thorough client on-boarding process breaks down the needs and wants for your website. You gather your assets (content, images, links) and send them to us, while we work on building a mock-up for you to sign off on. Once the prototype is signed off on, and the assets are received, we move on to step 2.
2. Build
The construction of your website begins. You will receive updates throughout the process, and we will tweak whatever needs to b tweaked during the build process, and our thorough finishing process. At the end of the build, we will present it to you, and if we're all good - we head into the launch phase.
3. Launch
Signoff complete, all systems are go - it's time for your website to go live. Now it's your time to shine. Promote on your social media platforms, add it to your business card, and your Google business account. You, are now owner of a shiny business website!
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Nice to meet you

Nikki St.Amand
Web Developer | ux/ui design

Nikki began coding at the ripe age of 10. Her Neopets guild page, specifically. As a teen she moved onto coding her Nexopia and Myspace profiles into things of beauty.

With a knack for design, Nikki has always been fascinated by making things beautiful - fashion, make up, hair, interiors, etc. It just made sense to make websites beautiful, too.

Nikki is a graduate of the renowned Selkirk College Full-Stack Web Development program. She has knowledge in HTML5, CSS(SASS), Javascript, PHP, mySQL, server management and deployment, CMS (WordPress, Shopify), social media marketing, and more.


We aren’t perfect, but we are always learning and growing. Staying up to date with the latest technology, updates, and trends is a crucial part of this industry. We’ll keep you up to date as well, we promise!

html + css
Web Design


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